Strontian Community School


Strontian Community School Building was established in 2016 as a Community Benefit Society with the initial purpose of overseeing the construction a new primary school building for the community of Strontian, a small village on the remote westerly peninsula of Ardnamurchan.

Through this pioneering collaboration with Highland Council, the community are investing in their future and facilities for the next generation.

Community support

A minimum sum of £100,000 was sought from a community share offer as part of the estimated total cost of £850k. £155,500 was raised through the share offer from 71 investors.

The remainder of the capital costs were raised through commercial loans, public grants such as the Scottish Land Fund, and interestingly, from the Sunart Community Renewables who had raised £750,000 through community shares back in 2014 to deliver community benefit through their micro hydro scheme.

Forward thinking

The new primary school building will be leased to Highland Council for a minimum of 10 years, and thereafter for a long as is then agreed between the community and Council. If Highland Council choose to build a new school in the future, the building has been specifically designed to be converted into 4 affordable houses for the community.

The school fulfils two important functions for the community. A primary school fit for the 21st century, and affordable housing for local workers, and to attract new and retain existing families, who can also struggle to find affordable and secure tenancies.

Year of share offer


The community share offer raised