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1st March 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place each year to promote fairtrade and draw attention to the work done by organisations worldwide to extend its reach. 

7th November 2017
Bridgend Inspiring Growth is seeking to recruit a Development Manager, along with an Admin and Finance Offer, and a Community Development Assistant....
31st October 2017
GlenWyvis has confirmed its order for gin distillation equipment with Forsyths of Rothes, as the world’s first 100% community-owned distillery...
22nd September 2017
Govanhill Baths development enters final phase - with hopes to raise £300k through community shares to secure its future First Minister and local MSP...
27th July 2017
After a hugely successful initial three years, Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTA Scotland) has been given the green light to continue to...
22nd June 2017
It has been a busy first three years for Community Shares Scotland, here are some of our statistics from our recently produced infographic.
16th December 2016
Only two weeks into their share offer Strontian Community School Building Ltd has already raised over one third of its initial target as well as a...
14th October 2016
With work now getting underway on building two community-owned wind turbines at Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde, local people have a second chance to buy...
28th September 2016
Residents who raised money through community shares to buy Portpatrick harbour are at the vanguard of poor, coastal communities taking control of...
30th August 2016
Broom Power hydro scheme in the Highland town of Ullapool has reached its community shares target of almost £1million!
12th August 2016
The sun is starting to set on the Lochbroom Community Hydro share issue.