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1st December 2017

Govanhill Baths is celebrating the close of its first Community Shares’ issue.

30th August 2016
Broom Power hydro scheme in the Highland town of Ullapool has reached its community shares target of almost £1million!
12th August 2016
The sun is starting to set on the Lochbroom Community Hydro share issue.
11th August 2016
Supported by Community Shares Scotland, Aberdeen Community Energy (ACE) have launched a bid to raise £500,000 from community shares to support the...
13th July 2016
The world’s first community-owned carbon neutral distillery to make history in the small Highland town of Dingwall
8th June 2016
As GlenWyvis and Community Shares Scotland are moving nearer their bid to create the world’s first community-owned distillery, the community share...
8th June 2016
Community Shares Scotland have been working closely with Bread for Good Community Benefit Society over the past 6 months and we're delighted to...
20th May 2016
Community Shares Scotland partner organisation Co-operative Development Scotland promotes company growth through collaborative and employee-owned...
11th May 2016
It's all go here at Community Shares Scotland HQ. Spring 2016 enewsletter.
4th May 2016
Supported by Community Shares Scotland, we're delighted that BroomPower Community Hydro Scheme have launched their community share offer.
3rd May 2016
In early 2015, Urras Energy Society surpassed their £600k community share target – providing the final piece in the financial jigsaw for the second...