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27th July 2017

After a hugely successful initial three years, Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTA Scotland) has been given the green light to con

8th March 2016
Following on from our attendance at the recent Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee on 3 February, the Scottish government has been urged to step...
26th February 2016
The campaign to raise funds for the Penicuik Storehouse, launched at the end of last year, has already brought in investment totalling more than £42,...
9th February 2016
Community Shares Scotland were recently invited to contribute to the Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee evidence taking...
18th December 2015
The Penicuik Community Alliance has today launched a bid for investors to support the Penicuik Storehouse, an ambitious community food and market...
1st December 2015
We are thrilled that Portpatrick Harbour has won the Dumfries & Galloway Life Award for Best Community Project 2015. The project was recognised...
23rd November 2015
More than £840,000 worth of share purchases have been snapped up in a community-owned city solar farm project - aiming to be the biggest in the UK.
22nd November 2015
Another community shares success story
27th October 2015
Five months after construction started, the community shares hydro scheme in Strontian has been commissioned and is now generating and exporting...
23rd October 2015
This week is Good Money Week, an opportunity for us take a look at how we handle our finances and to ask whether we could do better.