Three ideas for an ethical Christmas wishlist

3rd Dec 2019

A survey from Deloitte estimates that the average UK consumer spent almost £600 for Christmas 2018, with that figure set to increase again this year. 

The report found that spending in the UK is significantly higher than the European average, with more than half of that going towards gifts.

In the face of these spending increases, community businesses may be one place to turn for a more ethical gift to a loved one. Here are three gift ideas from Scottish community benefit societies: 

Bala Sport

As the UK's only supplier of fair trade certified sports balls, Bala Sport guarantees fair pay and safe working conditions to its manufacturing staff. Their online shop includes equipment for football, rugby and futsal, with all their balls available in colourful, eye-catching designs. We recommend the Bala Play Pink!

Scotland the Bread

Much of the bread available in supermarkets is mass produced for low cost, bringing with it very low nutritional value. Scotland the Bread hopes to challenge that, reintroducing nutritious varieties of native Scottish wheat and educating people on how to use them to bake flavoursome bread. We recommend their sourdough starter, perfect for the Bake-Off enthusiast in your life! 

Glenwyvis Distillery

Perhaps the greatest community shares success story, Glenwyvis has raised an astonishing £3.5 million towards its distillery in Dingwall. Their first whisky is still in maturation but they have already made a name for themselves with an award-winning line of gins. We recommend their Christmas GoodWill Spiced Gin, made using nine botanicals and giving a seasonal flavour of cinnamon and dried fruit.