Penicuik Storehouse - Share Offer Launches Today!

27th Jul 2016

The Penicuik Community Alliance has today launched a bid for investors to support the Penicuik Storehouse, an ambitious community food and market project in the centre of the Midlothian town. The share offer is being supported today by Owen Thompson MP and young people from Penicuik High School. This team of students have already made a big contribution to the project by running a great gig at the Cowan Institute on 20th November. They have engaged in discussions with the architect, Alan Thomson of Lee Boyd, Designers and Architects, and will spend this coming weekend delivering publicity leaflets throughout Penicuik and its hinterland. 

The Storehouse will be home to a community bakery, café, kitchen, food store and indoor social supermarket, and is expected to open in the spring of 2016. The objective of the project is to strengthen Penicuik's local economy and provide affordable local food for the community.

Over the next six weeks the group hope £300,000 will be raised from through community shares in Penicuik and from further afield to get this project off the ground. The project has already received support from the Scottish Government (TCCCF Grant),Midlothian Council, Midlothian Voluntary Alliance, Social Investment Scotland and from Community Shares Scotland, and the share offer will be hosted on Microgenius, a dedicated platform for this innovative fundraising approach.

For further info on how to purchase shares and to view the business plan and share offer document please head to the Storehouse Microgenius page.

Supporters and Stakeholders:

Owen Thompson MP said:
"I'm very excited to see plans coming together for the Penicuik Storehouse, and I'd urge everyone with an interest in its success to see if they can take part. Penicuik is a great town with a lot going for it, but this project could really add to the high street and the community here, as well as to the local economy. 
"It's great to be here and talk about the future of the town both with the Penicuik Community Alliance and with this group of bright, engaged and socially awake young people. I'm sure the share offer will be a great success, and I'm looking forward to being back here for the formal opening in a few months time.”


Roger Kelly, convener of the Penicuik Community Alliance, said:
"If this is the sort of change you want to see in Penicuik, please look us up online and see how the share offer might work for you. We're after investors, even those with just £25 to put in, not donations. The objectives may be to provide a worthwhile space for the community and for local food, but this is a commercial project, and we intend to m