Last chance to invest in Broompower Hydro Scheme!

12th Aug 2016

The sun is starting to set on the Lochbroom Community Hydro share issue. Invest before 31st August to be part of this wonderful community project. This is a very attractive investment, not just for those who live in the community but for anyone who values the environment, local action and supports green energy.

Interest is expected to be 4% and the surplus from the BroomPower scheme will be gifted to Ullapool Community Trust and will be paid into a Community Benefit Fund.

The target is £900k and the electricity generated by the scheme will depend on local rainfall levels and will be sold to the National Grid at the Feed-in Tariff which was fixed in Sept 2015. 

For full details of how Share Offer will operate, please read the LCR Share Offer Document and see the Frequently Asked Questions leaflet.