Good Money Week reminds us that financial decisions matter

27th Jul 2016

This week is Good Money Week, an opportunity for us take a look at how we handle our finances and to ask whether we could do better.

"Good use of money is not just about pension funds and investment decisions," says Murdo Macdonald, policy officer for the Church. "There are lots of ways that individuals and congregations can make financial decisions that are good for our environment, good for society and help others in Scotland and across the world."

Community Shares Scotland facilitated a workshop at the Good Money conference in Edinburgh two weeks ago - taking a look at some of the ways we can ensure personal and congregational decisions benefit everyone in our communities.

Helpful resources for both individuals and churches include:

Community Shares Scotland offers a way to support sustainable enterprises with a community purpose.

'The Ethical Money Churches Project' which helps worshippingcommunities to explore challenging issues relating to Christian stewardship offinancial resources and assets.

The Young Money Blog, written by young people for youngpeople it offers financial education and information.

Rev Sally Foster Fulton, who chaired the conference said: "We want to encourage church members and congregations, as well as those outside the church, to consider how and where they invest their money, and to make people aware of the power of positive investment.

To learn more about Good Money week visit the Church's Good Money Week resource page.