Community-owned solar farm project nears £1.4m goal

27th Jul 2016

More than £840,000 worth of share purchases have been snapped up in a community-owned city solar farm project - aiming to be the biggest in the UK. Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative is now more than half way to reaching its £1.4 million funding target.

Members of the community have also pledged their support with as little as £250 to become a share holder. The ambitious project aims to put solar panels on 25 public buildings across the Capital in a bid to boost its green energy output – with the first panels expected to go up in spring next year.

Richard Dixon, chair of the Solar Co-op and director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, called on residents across the city to get involved.

He said: “It is not always easy for individuals or businesses to put solar panels where they live or work, but purchasing shares in a solar co-op is an ideal way of part-owning and supporting renewable energy close to home."

With a minimum share purchase of £250 per person, the project is well on course to become the UK’s largest community-owned urban renewables scheme. Once completed, it should generate enough green energy to build a £1m community fund to pump cash back into local sustainable schemes – as well as cutting down on nearly a thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.