Brilliant new community shares animation from Jazz Coop

27th Jul 2016

The Globe is the first music venue in the UK to be owned by a cooperative. It was bought by Jazz.Coop in 2014 after a community share issue. Some 200 people have invested and they are currently looking for more shareholders to join them. To learn more about this exciting venture watch their brilliant new short animation.

Now they’ve bought the Globe, Jazz Coop need more people involved and more money invested to make it the best possible venue.  Further investment will be used for:

  • Buying sound and lighting equipment
  • Refurbishing the kitchen
  • Renovating the roof terrace
  • Improving the exterior of the building
  • Repaying the money we borrowed to install the lift (we are proud to be one of the few small music venues in Newcastle to be fully accessible on both floors).

They don’t just need money. They want more people to play an active part in making this unique venture work. To apply for membership and buy shares click this link