Bala Sport mark Fairtrade Fortnight with new Elite football range

1st Mar 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place each year to promote fairtrade and draw attention to the work done by organisations worldwide to extend its reach. 

As the UK's only manufacturer of fairtrade-certified sports balls, Bala Sport took the two week event as the perfect opportunity to launch its latest range of footballs. The Elite football becomes their top of the range product, made to the same standard and specifications as FIFA Quality Pro balls used in top competitions worldwide. 

Like all of Bala's sports balls, the Elite range is manufactured in fairtrade certified factories, guaranteeing workers fair pay, safer working conditions and a Fairtrade Premium which an elected workers' representative group can choose to spend to the benefit of all employees. The Fairtrade Premium has been used to fund schemes such as free home-to-workplace transport, free eye tests and subsisdised eyeglasses, and employee shops selling essential household items at a discount.

Since successfully raising over £100,000 through community shares in 2014, Bala Sport has gone on to become the official supplier to competitions such as the Homeless World Cup and Scottish Futsal League, as well as selling directly to sports clubs across Europe. Their website hosts a full retail shop with a range of football, futsal and rugby balls for individuals and clubs alike.