Bala Sport Community Share Offer - Now Live!

29th Jul 2016

Community Shares Scotland are excited to be supporting Bala Sport - a new co-operative venture that plans to take Fairtrade sports balls to the same level of awareness and sales as other popular Fairtrade products through their community share offer.

The sports balls come from Fairtrade accredited factories in Sialkot, Pakistan, where both workers and the wider community benefit from the Fairtrade premium that is paid. Bala Sport will pay a 10% Fairtrade premium on all balls produced, both hand and machine-stitched. The premium will benefit all workers in the factory, with the stitchers receiving an additional amount per ball. In each factory the use of the Fairtrade premium is decided by a formal body made up of both workers and factory management. Projects financed by Fairtrade premium payments to date include a water purification facility, health insurance and a children’s day care facility.

The community share offer outlines how you can help Bala Sport achieve this goal by investing as little as £50 in their business. The target amount is £150,000 and the offer is due to close at midnight on 31 May 2015, although it may be extended at the discretion of the Board,

If you would like to help bring Fairtrade sports balls into mainstream sports and recreation, and ensure a better livelihood for those who work to produce them you can become a shareholder in Bala Sport.

Copies of the Share Offer document, Application Form and Business Plan are available for download here: