Bala Sport community share offer - In the news!

27th Jul 2016

We were thrilled to see one of our community share partners - Bala Sport - in the news this week.

Bala Sport launched a community share offer earlier this year to bring Fairtrade sports balls into mainstream sports and recreation, and ensure a better livelihood for those who work to produce them. Their community shares target is £150,000 and to date they have raised a fantastic £73k. Share investment can be from as little as £50 with a maximum per individual of £25,000. The share offer will close on July 31st 2015.

To invest click here.

Last Friday Bala Sport provided the match balls for the FC United of Manchester v Benfica game - a superb occassion with players using Bala Fairtrade balls in a brand new fan-funded stadium. 

See Daily Mail coverage and a few brilliant photographs here.