Portpatrick Harbour
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In Autumn 2015 Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society launched a community share offer with an investment target of £100,000 in an attempt to secure the integrity and ownership of the historic harbour of Portpatrick for the benefit of the community.

In collaboration with Community Shares Scotland this community share offer has provided all who love the village of Portpatrick the opportunity to purchase community shares in the harbour thus supporting and securing the future of this unspoiled idyllic asset for many years to come. The minimum investment was set at £25 and the maximum investment £10,000 per person. Acheiving the ultimate goal of raising £100,000 not only secured community ownership of the harbour but also allowed the community to kick start much needed upgrades.

What’s more, the Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society became the very first Community Benefit Society in Scotland to achieve both Financial Conduct Authority registration and full charitable status with the Scottish charity regulator OSCR in July 2015.

This was achieved with support and guidance from Community Shares Scotland, Cooperatives UK, Social Investment Scotland and Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway and subsequently gave the community of Portpatrick this brilliant opportunity to save the harbour from a perilous situation.

Further information on this community share offer can be found at: http://www.microgenius.org.uk/project/portpatrick-harbour-35